Iconic Trinity

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By Elmar

1) This one-time quest, which can be picked up at level 17, starts with Hierarch Kekropus on the balcony in the House of Elders at the Kamael Village. Since you have to fight your way through highly aggressive double HP mobs to reach the rooms with the iconic statues, I would recommend to solo players to bring a top no-grade weapon, regular Healing Potions (which can only be purchased on the mainland) and not to start the quest before they have reached level 18. But if you intend to do "Into the Large Cavern" later on, you should also not be higher than 19. The latter quest can not be done by characters over 20 and in the course of Iconic Trinity you might gain up to one full level, especially if you do it together with Fabulous Feathers.

2) Choose "Iconic Trinity" from the quest menu.

3) Kekropus tells you that there is a hidden truth about the Kamael which you should know about before you leave the island to pursue a fighter's career on the mainland.

4) When you agree, Kekropus sends you to Nornil's Cave where you have to find the "Statue of History" (also called "Icon of the Past"). The statue is in fact a terminal that enables you to communicate with an other entity. Kekropus tells you that the password for the terminal is CRTR, but if you forget to note it down you will also find it on the quest screen.

5) When you are at Nornil's Cave (the entrance is on the north side), open your world map, click on the "+" sign at the cave and a dungeon map will appear. The iconic statue you are looking for is in the bottom right corner, marked with a book symbol.

6) Now comes the difficult part. The corridor leading to the statue is full of highly aggressive Shady Muertos Guards and Grotto Leopards, both double HP, with strong P.Atk. and increasing in number as you descend. Be fast, don't hesitate, kill them as soon as you see them. Once you have reached the room with the statue, you are safe. There are no monsters in there. The statue is on the right side of the southern/back wall of the room. Some players have reported that they could not see the statue, just a blank wall. In that case you have to pull your line of sight upwards with your right mouse key. Then the statue with the name over its head will appear. Talk to it like to a regular NPC.

7) The statue resp. terminal requires you to enter a password. If you forgot that it is CRTR, look it up on your quest screen.

8) Communication is initiated.

9) The unknown entity at the other end introduces itself as "N." (who might that be, considering the place where you are standing?) and hints that the Kamael have not been created by gods, like the other races, but in an other way.

10) Then you are sent to the "Icon of the Present". The password for that terminal is CNCL.

11) The location is marked on your map, in the bottom left corner. On your way to the second satue you will encounter a few more Grotto Leopards, but at least no more of those crossbow shooting Muertos Guards. The other Shady Muertos you meet down there are passive but social. If you don't bother them, they won't bother you, but if you attack one of them, the whole gang will be upon you. They are all double HP, so try to avoid conflict.

12) The statue you are looking for is again on the right-hand side of the southern/back wall of the room. Talk to it.

13) Enter the password CNCL as before (it's on your quest screen).

14) Communication is initiated.

15) N. tells you in many words that the Kamael island was hidden between dimensions so that the gods (or people equal to the gods) could not find it.

16) Then N. sends you on to the "Icon of the Future". The password to communicate with that statue/terminal is CHAOS.

17) The room for that statue is a bit north of the one you are standing in. It is marked on the map.

18) Again, the iconic statue is on the right-hand side of the back wall. If you can't see it, tilt up your line of sight. Talk to it as before and enter the password, this time 5 letters: CHAOS.

19) N. tells you the story how the island was unsealed and populated with young Kamael (originally there was only Hierarch Kekropus and a few other Elders). Then you are sent back to Kekropus in the village.

20) Kekropus tells you about the existence of an "Erased History" of the Kamael, which is the same as the "Lost History" N. talked about. By returning alive from a dangerous place like Nornil's Cave you have proven your valour and earned the right to learn more about it. But that's another quest, "Into the large Cavern", which should only be attempted by groups. For now you get as a reward a Scroll Enchant Armor D.