Head for the Hills

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By EllieBelly and Elmar

1) This quest, which can be picked up by characters of all races and classes at lvl 6, starts with Zerstorer Marcela at the southwest exit of the Kamael Village. Pick "Head for the Hills", as she also has another quest. She asks you to hunt various mobs and bring back items.

2) All the mobs are found around the same place, I only screenied a few of them. You can return with any amount of items. 50 will get you something extra.

The drop rate is rather sucky so I'd suggest go back to Marcela as soon as you have at least one claw and collect your shots; then talk to newbie guide for level boost to 10.

3) Back at Marcela, if you exchange the claws for adena, you'll get adena (a basic reward of 400a plus 23a per Monster Claw) and a one time gift of 6,000 Soulshots No-Grade for Beginners or, if you are a mage class, 3,000 Spiritshots No-Grade for Beginners. You'll get the Shots even when you turn in only 1 item.

If you turn in 50 quest items, you will get at random Cotton Stockings or a Feriotic Tunic or a Ring of Anguish or an Earring of Wisdom or a Necklace of Anguish or a Scroll of Escape.

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