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Collector Gouph

Collector Gouph is in Dwarven Village in the Bronze Key Guild house. He enjoys singing, albeit rather badly about a white snake resembling poo.

Quests Available

Jumble, Tumble, Diamond Fuss


"Dandy Gouph is a true Dwarf! I have wound my way through the world with many friends of the Bronze Key! Still there are many strange places in the world, so let's go, friend -- Let's venture out! Wait, treasure... Gouph is coming soon! Precious treasures are all ours! Let's venture out to the entire world! Gold and silver worth more than my life ... I am Gouph .. a Dwarf amoung Dwarves! If my dear lover wants, I can even pull out the teeth of a fierce dragon. Yippee! Gouph is fine!!

Oh bless me -- I made another great song before I knew it ...!

Oh, my! How long have you been standing there? You ... you heard, er, everything?"

(You can sing very well)

"Oho! A young musician came to see me earlier! He was so talented that I was deeply moved. Perhaps I should sing a little song for you!

...The white snake is lanky, long and smooth...When he's coiled up he looks like poo... #$%^#$%^#$%^#$%^,,, argh! I'm such an idiot!"