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What is nowadays called Frozen Labyrinth had originally been created by the Gray Pillar Guild during the Dwarven Kingdom as a huge park where the governor of Schuttgart could spend the hottest weeks of the year, occasionally taking care of urgent administrative business but mostly hunting buffaloes and antelopes between high walls of rock that provided cool shade during most of the day. For a Dwarf coming from the capital at Mlan with its arctic climate, being sent to the southern province of Schuttgart was a bit of a punishment, so all governors moved to what was then known as Summer Labyrinth for one or two months every year.

After the Humans had conquered Schuttgart, completely destroying the Dwarven city, they also took over the Summer Labyrinth. They kept the governors' old hunting lodge in the center of the Labyrinth, but put up their own statues and other park decoration in various places, building a completely new Summer Palace in the northwestern corner of the park. This Summer Palace is where Princess Melissa moved to spend her exile after she was banished from the court in Aden. After a magical accident engineered by Gran Kain, Melissa turned into Ice Queen Freya and the whole Summer Labyrinth with all its animals became the Frozen Labyrinth we know today.

After the first shock about those cataclysmic events, Melissa's bodyguards, the Canna Knights, soon regrouped under the name of Zinnia Guild, their recruitment officer Rafforty moving into the old hunting lodge which was conveniently located in the center of the Labyrinth. Since Rafforty made up for himself the cover story of being a merchant providing slabs of ice for the courts in Rune and Aden so that the nobility and rich citizens there could have cool drinks in the summer time, the old governor's lodge is now generally known as Ice Merchant Cabin, the Labyrinth's original history only remembered by a few Dwarves.


Freya's Steward

Garden Sculpture

Ice Sculpture

Ice Shelf





Ice Queen Freya


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