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Defender Ethan

Defender Ethan is a guard in Dwarven Village at the east entrance. His true passion is writing poetry and will read one of his poems if one asks.



"My name is Ethan! I'm a Defender of this village, but my true passion is writing poetry! There are so many things to write about these days! Would you like to hear one of my poems?"

(Sure, read me some of your poetry)

"Jangle Jangle, the sound of rolling adena. Click, click, the sound of gathering treasure. Boom, Boom, the sound of collecting Mithril."


"So, you'd you like it? I'll read it again for you"

(You think that's a poem?)

  • Currently empty*

(Not now Ethan!}

"All right, it's ok if you don't want to hear it! I wouldln't want to force anybody..."