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Shunaiman was originally the leader of the Athena, an association of Human mages and the most powerful among the clans and "kingdoms" that emerged after the Fall of the Giants. Soon doing magical research was not longer enough for him and he set out to unite the regions currently known as Aden and Elmore. He called his kingdom Elmore-Aden (later contracted to "Elmoreden") and enthroned himself as emperor. The tree branch crown adorning the brow of his ancestors when they were still savage half-apes stealing the secrets of magic from the Elves became a gold crown with glittering jewels to set upon his head. As emblem for the new empire he chose a double headed eagle, symbolizing Elmore and Aden united in one strong body and wielding two swords at once.

Emperor Shunaiman worried over the life limitation of the Humans. The fact that Gran Kain, god of destruction, was their creator made the Humans feel inferior to the other races, especially the Elves. Additionally, the tales that they were created from the leftovers of other races was deeply humiliating to these new rulers of the land. For the new empire, Shunaiman needed a new myth; a new history that would prove them noble beings.

Eventually, and through large-scale religious reform, Shunaiman made Einhasad the goddess of Humans instead of Gran Kain. Myth and history were changed and those practicing black magic, as well as the followers of Gran Kain, were persecuted. The religious reform continued for generations and eventually all Humans believed that Einhasad, the goddess of good, was their creator and Gran Kain was simply the god of evil.