Earth Wyrm Trasken

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Earth Wyrm Trasken was one of the wicked creatures created by Shilen. When Shunaiman, the ruler of the Elmoreden Empire was building the Seal of Shilen, the Earth Wyrm Trasken escaped and settled to sleep in the Spine Mountains.

The Dwarves, not realizing where Trasken had made his home, made a tragic mistake and awoke the earth wyrm when mining for Mithril. He awoke and destroyed the village and killed many Dwarves.

However the Hero Lucien, who was born with the blessing of Maphr, defeated Trasken deep in Mithril Mines. It is said that although Trasken is now dead, his egg still is alive somewhere deep in the Spine Mountains and Shilen's followers are trying to revive it.

Dwarven Village