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Wanderer Dorf

Dorf can be found standing near the north entrance to Dwarven Village. Unlike the rest of the Dwarves in town, he sees the overwhelming desire for money and material goods as being mentally unbalanced.



"Maphr, the goddess of abundance and prosperity?! Foolish cattle, they don't know anything! Just look at the silly Dwarves in this town. They are mentally unbalanced, always dashing here and there to collect some more money. They are simply ridiculous! Miserable creatures who would even rip out their goddess' heart if it were worth money! And they don't hestitate to unearth things that should not be part of this world!

Maphr is indeed the goddess of abundance and prosperity, but that also means that she is responsible for all poverty and downfalls! Why can't you see this simple fact? They have already experienced bankruptcy once before... Tsk tsk..."

Quest Appearances

Trial of the Pilgrim