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Priest of Earth Daichir

Daichir is a Priest of Maphr and can be found in the Temple of Maphr in Dwarven Village. He frequently repeats the mantra "Carna Maphr" which is the holy name of the goddess Maphr.


Lucien's Altars


"Abundance! Prosperity! These are what the Goddess brings forth. Trust in her and you will be blessed! This is the sanctuary of Maphr, the Goddess of Earth.

Your talent and ability are gifts from the goddess. Your success and fame are attributed to her blessings. Sacrifice and be thankful. Although you are in adversity, do not hold a grudge or be sad. Trust and you shall receive! Receive what? Blessings!

Do not forget that the Goddess of Earth is always around you and you should return her favor. Make every effort to obtain greatness in her eyes. Know that the Goddess is always watching over us. Just believe and follow her - use your faith! Everything is as the Goddess means it to be.

Repeat this mantra deep down in your heart if you want her blessing! Carna Maphr, must not be forgotten. This is the Holy Name of the Goddess, Carna Maphr".