Crypts of Disgrace

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During the time of the Orc Kingdom, the Batur, Morek and Turka tribes had been banished from the Immortal Plateau. Not being permitted to bury their dead in the lands of their ancestors, they set up a huge burial ground to the east of the Valley of the Lords, a short walk north of the main road that connected the Immortal Plateau with Rion and Schuttgart. Because of their harsh treatment they were harboring a deep grudge, a grudge so deep that they could not find rest after their death but became vengeful ghosts haunting what came to be known as the "Crypts of Disgrace". When later a large group of Dwarven grave robbers came to this area and started secretly digging their way into the burial mounds, the anger of the restless ghosts grew even more. Among the Orcs of today the reasons why the Batur (lit. "heroes") and their fellows were banished from the Immortal Plateau are long forgotten. There is a group among them that only wants the ancient warriors to find their peace; they have started a campaign to annihilate the grave robbers, not with a regular army, but with hired adventurers.

Young Orcs of a religious inclination are recruited by Seer Livina in Orc Village who sends them on a "Walk of Fate" to the Crypts of Disgrace. There they are received by Karuda, who gives them a friendly welcome, rewarding them exceedingly well for a little errand-running task. Then, as a little aside, he mentions that the young adventurer might come back later and talk to him again; there would be an interesting task waiting for them. If the person does that, Karuda explains more about the old burial ground and sends him or her on a mission against the grave robbers.


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