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Priestess of Earth Chichirin

Chichirin is located in Dwarven Village in the Temple of Maphr. She tells the tale of Hero Lucien and Earth Wyrm Trasken.

Quest Appearances

The Hidden Veins


"Carna Maphr! May the blessing of the goddess of the Earth be with you.

The venerated Hero Lucien had enormous strength and willpower when he fought against the wicked Earn Wyrm Trasken, saving us Dwarves from the evil creature. Lucian once said "I, Lucia, have always believed that the goddess of the Earth is forever with me. Today's victory was only possible because of the blessing of the goddess of the Earth!" What a wise remark!

We can learn a valuable lesson from Lucien, only those who truly believe in the goddess's bounty will find what they seek!

Carna Maphr, I'm sure that you too will be blessed if you keep true to your faith".