Certified Soulbreaker

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by Elmar

1) This quest, which can be picked up at level 39, starts with Grand Master Vitus at the Kamael Guild in the southern part of Giran.

2) After you have clicked on "Quest" and told Vitus that you would like to become a Soul Breaker, the Grand Master will make it clear to you that you must undergo a test. When you agree to the test, Vitus will give you 47 Dimensional Diamonds which you can exchange against town-specific Scrolls of Escape at any Gatekeeper. Then Vitus sends you on to Hierarch Kekropus in Kamael Village.

3) You will probably remember from your early days as a Kamael that Kekropus can be found on the central balcony in the House of Elders.

4) Kekropus refers you to Vice Hierarch Casca, who is standing right beside him. You will meet Katenar, the hero he is talking about, later on in the quest.

5) What Casca says about Berserkers does not concern you. Simply click on "Quest". The Vice Hierarch will then tell you to come back later, but of course you can talk to him immediately again.

When you start the conversation anew, Casca talks about some cargo from Gludin and a mysterious person that is undertaking inquiries concerning that cargo. You are to track down that man, and your first stop is Grand Master Holst in the Town of Dion.

6) Holst is at the Kamael Guild, in the western part of town.

7) While you are talking to Grand Master Holst, a Suspicious Man resp. Kamael will spawn for a very short time behind your back and say something cryptic.

When you then resume your conversation with Holst, he will send you to the northwestern gate to inquire after the stranger. This marks the beginning of a long journey for you.

8) First talk to Guard Harlan, who will send you over to his colleague Jacob.

Jacob didn't see anything either. His instructions where to find Lucas are historical. With the introduction of the Kamalokas the Captain of the Guard has been moved into the center of town.

Captain Lucas also didn't see anyone matching the description and sends you on to the north gate.

Guard Xaber didn't see anyone, but his comrade Liam ("Listto" on the dialogue screen) has noticed such a person hurrying in the direction of Giran. He recommends you to talk to Guard Zerome at the northwest gate of Giran.

9) You don't have to take the road but can teleport to Giran. Guard Zerome didn't see any suspicious person and refers you to his colleague Vesa.

Vesa finally has seen the man. Since the mysterious person is a Kamael, talk to Grand Master Meldina in the Kamael Guild.

10) Now the veil of mystery gets lifted a bit. As it turns out, the stranger you are looking for has inquired at the Kamael Guild after the cargo destined for the Giran Kamael (the link on Meldina's dialogue screen should of course be "What did HE ask?"). Grand Master Meldina sends you on to Wharf Manager Felton.

11) Giran Harbor is quite a distance southwest of the town. Fortunately it's a teleport destination. Wharf Manager Felton is standing not far from the port point.

Felton reveals that the ship with the cargo destined for the Giran Kamael has sunk not far from the entrance to Devil's Isle, near the broken bridge there (and not on Devil's Isle, as the quest screen says).

12) The location you are looking for is marked on your map. Directly under the bridge you will find a Cargo Box.

13) You can talk to the Cargo Box like to a normal NPC. When you click on "Quest", a lvl 36 Guardian Angel will spawn and attack you immediately. Kill him.

14) Once the Guardian Angel is dead, Katenar will appear, of whom Hierarch Kekropus has spoken in step 4. Talk to him quickly, he despawns fast.

15) As it turns out, it was not the cargo itself that everybody was after, but a sealed document that was hidden among it. Take the document to Vice Hierarch Casca in Kamael Village (the "Kaitnat" in the item description should of course be "Katenar").

16) Casca is very pleased with you and sends you over to Kekropus.

17) To become a true Soul Breaker, fully able to use your magical powers, you must undergo a ceremony, and for this ceremony 10 Wyrm Hearts are required.

18) You will find the Wyrms in the Gorgon Flower Garden, to be reached on foot from Giran. The aggressive Wyrms are lvl 35, so they should be no problem. They have the habit of spitting fire, but you can preempt that by attacking them from a great distance with Abyssal Blaze first and then quickly finishing them off with Double Thrust. You will get a quest item for every 5th or 6th kill.
Apart from the Wyrms there are also aggressive Turak Bugbear Warriors roaming the area who with their double HP are quite formidable opponents for a lvl 39 character, and the equally aggressive Medusas who can poison you. So bring some vials of Antidote. For a second income you may want to pick up Arrow of Vengeance from Guard Belton in Giran, because for that quest you have to kill the same monsters.

19) When you have 10 Wyrm Hearts, return to Hierarch Kekropus in Kamael Village. He will initiate you into the use of your magical powers and then send you with a letter of recommendation back to Grand Master Vitus with whom you have started this quest.

20) Vitus will reward you with 35,597 adena, 196,875 exp and 13,510 SP. Apart from that you will of course get your Soul Breaker Certificate.

21) When you are level 40, talk to any Kamael Grand Master. Click on "Ask about the 2nd class transfer", then "Ask about Soul Breakers", then on "Transfer to a Soul Breaker". You will receive 15 Shadow Item Exchange Coupons which you can exchange at any Grand Master for Shadow Weapons with a limited life span.