Certified Berserker

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by Elmar

1) This quest, which can be picked up at level 39, starts at the Kamael Guild in Oren with Master Orkurus.

2) Orkurus sends you to Master Tenain in Giran. To facilitate your travel you get 48 Dimensional Diamonds which you can exchange at any Gatekeeper for town-specific Scrolls of Escape.

3) Master Tenain can be found at the Kamael Guild in the southern part of Giran.

4) The Giran Kamael have been charged with the protection of a valuable item on which the Breka Orcs have set their eyes. Tenain tells you to go to the Breka's Stronghold north of Giran and kill any Orcs you see there.

5) Near the Breka's Stronghold teleport spot you will find the simple Breka Orcs (lvl 31, passive) and Breka Orc Archers (lvl 32, passive), on the terraces up the hill Breka Orc Warriors (lvl 33, aggressive), Breka Orc Shamans (lvl 34, passive) and Breka Orc Overlords (lvl 35, aggressive). The quest item acquisition rate is always 1/1, so you might want to stay near the port spot - if you by mistake aggravate more than one Warrior or Overlord at a time, those Orcs can be serious trouble for a lightly armoured Kamael. When you have 20 Breka Orc Heads return to Master Tenain in Giran.

6) In the meantime, more dangerous beings than the Breka Orcs have learned about the location of the item. Therefore the Kamael Guild has decided to move it to a safer place. Tenain tells you to catch up with the transport unit and assist them.

7) The place where you have to go is marked on your map. You have probably seen Caravaner Gort standing on the side of the Giran-Dion road before.

8) Gort reveals to you that the convoy has been attacked. He was knocked unconscious, but he assumes that some other member of the transport unit might have hidden a message in food that monsters like to eat. Kill Road Scavengers until you recover a Message Plate. Who Harkilgamed is will become clear later.

9) Road Scavengers (lvl 37, passive) can be found all along the Death Pass. I had to kill 3 of them until I got the Message Plate. Beware of the aggressive Wyrm dragons hovering near the Road Scavengers.

10) Bring Caravaner Gort the Message Plate. He does not know the code to decipher it and sends you back to Master Tenain in Giran.

11) Tenain decodes the message and is greatly relieved to learn that the item was not stolen. But the raiders have dispatched small troops to inform the main enemy of the transport unit's location. Tenain sends you to Dion to assist Master Entien with the interception of the enemy couriers.

12) Master Entien is at the Kamael Guild in Dion, hidden between the houses along the north road and the town wall.

13) According to intelligence received, the enemy agents have disguised themselves as Dead Seekers and Marsh Stakato Drones (please note, both are winged creatures). Entien tells you to kill as many representatives of both species as necessary until you find the reports they carry.

14) Dead Seekers (lvl 34, passive) can be found at the Execution Grounds and the quite dangerous Marsh Stakato Drones (lvl 35, aggressive) in the northern part of the Cruma Marshlands. The latter are living together with poisonous and aggressive Marsh Spiders, so bring some vials of Greater Antidote. You will have to kill between 5 and 15 of each species before you get a Report.

15) When you have both Reports, return to Entien in Dion who will then send you back to Master Tenain in Giran.

16) Tenain has found out that Harkilgamed is hiding near the Plains of the Lizardmen. You are to go there, defeat the enemy and rescue Harkilgamed. Tenain does not give you any specifics who the enemy is, but the quest screen says that you have to kill a Divine Emissary.

17) Now take a look at the marker pin on your map. If you teleport from Oren to the destination "Plains of the Lizardmen", Gatekeeper Valentina will deposit you on the southern edge of the Plains, near Antharas' Fortress. It is much shorter (and safer) to teleport to Hunters Village and then go west from there. You will see a whole group of angels right after the tunnel - kill one of them. The Divine Emissaries are not social with each other, but beware of the aggressive Leto Lizardman Soldiers and especially the Plains groups roaming the area.

18) When you have killed an angel, Harkilgamed will show himself. He thanks you for coming to his aid and gives you a letter for Master Tenain in Giran. It will soon become clear what the Enuma Elish is he is talking about.

19) Tenain is very happy that the Enuma Elish could be successfully protected and writes you a letter of recommendation for Master Orkurus in Oren (the spelling on the dialogue screen is wrong).

20) Back in Oren Orkurus finally reveals that the Enuma Elish is a famous broadsword, one of the three legendary weapons of the Kamael. Your curiosity why the gods might want to steal an epic Kamael weapon will not be satisfied, but Orkurus rewards you with 31,552 adena, 174,503 exp, 11,974 SP and above all his Recommendation for your class change.

21) When you are level 40, talk to Grand Master Aetonic to the right of Orkurus (or any other Kamael Grand Master). First click on "Ask about the 2nd class transfer", then "Ask about Berserkers", then "Transfer to Berserker". You will be promoted to Berserker and get 15 Shadow Item Exchange Coupons C Grade that you can exchange at any Grand Master for a weapon of limited durability.