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By EllieBelly

1) This quest, which can be picked up by female Kamael at lvl 39, starts in the Town of Dion in the Kamael Guild which is behind the Dark Elf Guild, out in the open. Speak to Master Rindy. She gives you 64 Dimensional Diamonds and says to talk to Magister Clayton, also in Dion.

2) Clayton is in the Dark Elf Guild two steps away and gives you a big list of mobs to hunt to retrieve Enmity Crystals. The mobs can be found all over the area around Floran Village.

3) I screenied most, but not all of them. When you have 30 enmity crystals, return to Clayton. I believe the drop rate was 100%.

4) Clayton then sends you to Blacksmith Poitan also in Dion.

5) In the Blacksmith Shop Poitan talks for ages, then he sends you to the Warehouse, again in Dion to find Warehouse Keeper Holvas.

6) Holvas sends you to the Execution Grounds to hunt a list of mobs. In this version, Hanged Man Ripper is supposed to be Hangman Tree and Corpse Pursuer is Dead Seeker.

7) Head to the Execution Grounds and hunt the mobs until you have 30 Manuscript Pages. Then go back to Holvas.

8) Holvas sends you to Kamael Grand Master Meldina in Giran Castle Town.

9) In Giran Meldina just sends you over to Hunters Village to talk to Master Selsia.

10) In Hunters Village Selsia talks, a lot.

I chose the third option, and if you pick anything else you have to start over. She then sends you to kill Grandis in Death Pass.

11) Grandis are found along the road to Death Pass. Take the quest pieces to the Ivory Tower, to Magister Gaius on the Human Floor.

12) In Ivory Tower Gaius has you hunt Manashen Gargoyles which can be found at the bottom of the crater.

13) It's best to get some kind of blunt to kill these. You need 10 quest items and you need last hit. Then go back to Gaius.

14) Gaius sends you to Gauen who is on the Light Elf floor of the Ivory Tower.

15) Gauen tells you to speak to Kaiena, who is again, in Ivory Tower on the Dark Elf floor.

16) Kaiena sends you to Selsia in Hunters Village.

17) Selsia sends you to hunt Timak Orc Archers and "Timak Orcs" but the quest steps say the archers and SOLDIERS.

18) The Orcs can be found just outside of Oren at the Timak Outpost.

Some people have reported having the Crimson Lady spawn after about 10 mobs, some like me killed mobs for 20+ minutes before she showed up. Then go back to Selsia.

19) Talk to Selsia and you're done! You earn Kamael Inquistor Mark, 214,773 exp, 14,738 SP and 38,833 adena. The Grand Master that can change your class to Arbalester is standing right next to Selsia, he will also give you 15 Shadow Item Exchange Coupons C-Grade. Congrats!

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