Cave of Trials

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The Cave of Trials is the place where young Orcs have to go if they want to walk either on the path of a Monk or the path of a Shaman. In both cases they must in the course of their final test kill Scarlet Salamanders, which are lurking not far from the entrance, right in the second room. Scarlet Salamanders are creatures of Pa'agrio, endowed with the essence of Fire. They can inflict serious burn wounds for which there is no known cure. The only way in such a case is to look for a quiet place, sit down and wait until the damage wears off by itself. Young Orcs have a lot of strength, they usually survive that trial.

Apart from that, every year young Shamans are sent at the end of their training into the Cave of Trials, where they undergo, probably aided by the volcanic fumes, some sort of communal halluzination, actually seeing Ancestor Martankus, the Originator of the Hestui tribe, as well as the First Orc himself. From the lava flowing in that cave they bring back the "Immortal Flame", representing the fire that had been bestowed upon the Orcs by Pa'agrio at the beginning of the world. With this holy fire the ever burning torches of the Pa'agrio temple and the Orc Village are then newly lighted.


Ancestor Martankus

Jailer Dubabah


Orc Village

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