Anghel Waterfall

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The Anghel Waterfall is several hundred meters high and was created by divine power. Originally it was only a very small waterfall. But when the Giants had to flee after their failed rebellion against the gods, Gran Kain lifted up the earth on which the giants stood at the time, the resulting cliff hindering Einhasad's chase. Einhasad had ordered her daughter Maphr, Goddess of Earth, to lower the plateau, threatening her that she would end up like her sister Shilen, but Gran Kain interfered, thus saving the Giants whose descendants are now living in a warren of caves east of Aden. The plateau remained as it was, and since it was the god Gran Kain who had created it, the huge waterfall is now called Angel resp. Anghel Waterfall.

At present the Anghel Waterfall is guarded by Fierce Tiger King Angel, a former officer in the celestial army who had killed his superior and fled to the earth.


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