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Sentry Altima

Deep in her heart Altima has a soft nature. Therefore she applied to become a Sentry in Dark Elven Village to change her timid nature. This did in fact work. Now she is a strong soldier, wielding a heavy bow and, protected by a piece of cloth tied over her eyes, even risking exposure to daylight. Her present post at the western exit of the village is of particular importance, because here starts the road that leads through the Dark Forest to Gludin Village and the Town of Gludio. Both are places where Humans live and the Dark Elves can purchase items the don't produce themselves, like for example Healing Potions. The Balor Orcs who have started to invade the Dark Forest are posing a serious threat to the traffic on the main road and even Dark Elven Village itself. Therefore Altima and her comrades have to be constantly alert for anything out of the ordinary.


"May the Song of the west wind bring you rest in the night. I am Sentry Altima. I admit that I have a soft nature. I applied to become a Sentry to change my cowardly character. Now as you can see, I have been reborn as a strong Sentry.

If you follow this path that I guard, you can go out towards the Dark Forest"