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Captain Alex

Captain Alex was originally a Scout in the Royal Aden Army; in the war against Gracia he had served as King Amadeo Cadmus' special messenger and spy. But during the Dion Peasant Revolt he became disenchanted with the nobility and joined the rebellious farmers at Floran Village. Due to his military training he was the right man on the spot to organize the local militia. In this task he is supported by his trusty adjutant Leirynn, but apart from that he is constantly short of manpower - during the harvest season framers can not simply put down their scythe and engage in archery practice or stand on guard throughout the night against Lizardman marauders. Therefore he is very glad when supporters of the Floran Farmer Movement like Master Luther in Hunters Village or Maria in the Town of Dion send over young adventurers willing to help him in the fight against the monsters encroaching on the farmlands of Floran Village.



Quest Appearances

Aiding the Floran Village

The Wishing Potion

Temple Executor