Abandoned Coal Mine

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The Abandoned Coal Mine is located not far to the east of Dwarven Village. Once upon a time there were many miners working there, providing the coal for the steel foundries in Mlan. After the fall of the Dwarven Kingdom, the surviving Dwarves had settled near that mine. Sine that area is at a high altitude, constantly covered in snow, coal was necessary for heating the houses, and the mining operations continued as before. After some time, however, monsters found their way into the coal mine, killing workers and breaking vital equipment. Therefore the Elders reluctantly decided to give up the mine.

For people needing to go to the Mithril Mines it is possible to take a shortcut through the Abandoned Coal Mine. This is a very dangerous route, however, and nobody should attempt this alone. In theory one would just have to enter the grey tunnel in the northwest and exit through the green tunnel in the east, but there are many aggressive monsters in between. Especially the Akaste Bone Warlords should be absolutely avoided. Those skeletons can stun an opponent, so that he or she becomes a helpless victim to their cruel blows. Without friends to help in such a situation, death looms ahead.

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